On May 18, 2017 we held our 29th Annual General Meeting and as part of that meeting, Lynne Weisgerber spent a few minutes telling us how her husband John, became involved with the Mission Foundation.

John started as real estate agent but he soon discovered that he was actually interested researching in the history of the property rather than selling the property itself. Then his father moved to Abbotsford and started talking to him about investments.   John recognized he needed some training and went back to school to become an investment broker.   Now, in that kind of business you have people who are just clients and those who become close friends.  Betty & Albert McMahon were two of the first ones who were close friends.  So close that the Weisgerbers lived in with the McMahons for a little while.

Another close friend was Margaret Erskine, she used to come and see John, and he would always book extra time so they could visit and chat.   Then the time came when he started to encourage her as to what to do with her money and she did not know and did not want to talk about it.   Then one day she phoned and made appointment, came in and talked to John and shared her dream.  He came home and said, “OK she has made a decision but I do not know how I am going to help her.” So he started researching again, brought home stacks of paper, library books, talking about different types of structures that would fulfill her dream.  He’d research night after night and say, this sounds interesting but it doesn’t do this and Margaret really wants that, this doesn’t do this but does do that. Finally one night he sat up and I looked over and he said, “I think this is it, it’s called a Foundation” and Vancouver has one, and I know a person who belongs there.  I am going to do this, that and then I am going to talk to Margaret.  The next day after doing his research, he said, “I’m going to see her tonight after dinner. “

Home ½ hour later and walked in and said “She liked it” want s me to start a foundation with her money.  Then the blank look, now I am not doing research, what the hell do I do now?  The next thought was to talk to Albert McMahon in the morning, from there with Albert’s guidance and suggestions they gathered a group to start and they became the founders of the foundation.

Moreover, I want to tell you without a shadow of doubt that Margaret would be pleased by what you are doing.  You have honored her wishes beyond imagining.  Thank you and WELL done.