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News and Blogs from the Mission Community Foundation

Fund Facts: David Fryer Fund

Scholarship fund for students entering Musical Studies. When you have a teacher that inspires his students to go above and beyond, you get students who want to pay it forward. David Fryer was that kind of teacher.  He made his students work hard and they got results...

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Fund Facts: Robin & Fran Sorrell Fund

Robin Sorrell loved poetry and the poem below is one of his poems written pre 2000. A Helping Hand Give a hand to the lame, Those who cannot see, They shall find contentment, And grateful, they shall be.   An errand for the elderly, Or a letter, for to post, A...

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Fund Facts: Crimestoppers Perpetual Fund

The CrimeStoppers Perpetual Fund was created in 2006 when the Central Fraser Valley CrimeStoppers Branch was closed.  Monies from the branch were donated to the Mission Community Foundation with the express purpose of meeting the goals and objectives of CrimeStoppers...

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Fund Facts: Circle of Wisdom Society Fund

The Circle of Wisdom Society, affectionately called the COWS for short, was a group of 15 educators and support staff within Mission School District who created this fund in 2006.  This scholarship was designed to assist female candidates wishing to enter into...

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