Press Releases

2024 Grade 12 graduating students and mature students will soon start planning to apply for Scholarships or Bursaries.  Mission Community Foundation has updated the application and interview process for the 2024 year with a view to make applying for Scholarships and Bursaries easier for applicants and to make the interview process more transparent.

The deadline continues to be March 1, 2024 for submission of applications and supporting documents.  The new application forms will be posted to this website in the very near future, and representatives from the Mission Community Foundation will be meeting with Mission Secondary School’s administration, counsellors and teachers soon to share information.


Foundation Board Member Changes

In December, the board accepted the resignation of Lloyd McKimmon as the representative from Fraser Valley Regional District and we are currently awaiting a replacement from FVRD.  Although Lloyd was only with us for 2 years, we will miss his contributions to...

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Mission Animals Have Additional Funding Resources

Mission Community Foundation is pleased to advise that the Animal Welfare Fund is now ready for distribution.  The fund started by 5 ladies who love animals has been amended to allow for grants to any charitable organization in Mission who works with animals and their...

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Do you donate locally?

Did you know that Mission has a multitude of Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations that survive on donations? That without donations, they would have to close the doors? As we approach the year end, people start thinking about where they can put their charitable...

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Announcing the Caring Fund

A Community Foundation is only as strong as its endowment funds.  Mission Community Foundation recently announced that it would like to increase its endowment equity $2,000,000.00 by the year 2020. Hearing that call to action, Rosemary & Gerry Nemanishen have created...

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St Joseph Food Bank received $28,000 from the Mission Community Foundation in December 2024. This money will be used to purchase perishable, fresh foods that provide families with more nutrition. Once again, thank you to the many Benefactors and Donors who support this community through the Mission Community Foundation.