Kelly Sandoval’s mother created this flow-through fund in 2022 to honour her daughter.

Kelly Sandoval was 35, a wife and a mother of 4 sons living in Mission, when she died due to a tragic pedestrian accident. Two of the most important things to Kelly were her family and helping others. She had four sons; the family did everything together and always supported each other in everything they did.

Kelly also believed in helping others, and her first paycheque as a teenager was spent buying toys for a Christmas toy drive. Over the years, she adopted a family at Christmas, bought warm coats for a family that had none, worked at a charity in Mexico, did fundraising for various teams her boys were on, and was heavily involved in the PAC at her boy’s school. She always wanted to help those who had faced adversity or were struggling, even though she barely had enough money of her own. This scholarship is a way to honour Kelly and to carry on giving to those who most need it, as she would have done.