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About the Mission Community Foundation

The Mission Community Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization, which collects funds from donors and invests these funds, using the income for the benefit of the citizens of the Mission area, in the fields of education, recreation, culture, and the humanities.
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Welcome to the Mission Community Foundation website

The Mission Community Foundation is an incorporated, non-profit society guided by a local independent Board of Directors. The Foundation holds and administers private resources entrusted to it for the common good of the community of Mission. The Foundation is non-political and non-partisan and is a registered charity under the Canadian Income Tax Act.

People who give to the Mission Foundation care deeply about their community and their city. The Foundation respects and understands this level of care. Its Board of Directors accepts gifts and bequests in confidence and professionally manages them so the earnings on the ever growing, invested capital work in perpetuity for the betterment of Mission. The Mission Foundation embodies a simple concept People working together can make a difference for Mission! The Foundation’s Board of Directors believes that charitable funds, invested over time will grow and will continue to impact long after the original gift is made.


Latest News from the Mission Community Foundation

The Spirit of Giving

As we are heading to the season of giving it seems appropriate to speak about our benefactors.  This month I will be focusing on Mr.  & Mrs. Bill & Shirley Walker. Mr. Walker was a founding member of our Foundation, he along with 3 other gentlemen found merit in...

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Why Leave a Legacy?

"What we do for ourselves is gone when we're gone, what we do for others, that's our legacy." You’ve worked hard all your life and you’ve done your best to raise healthy, happy, well adjusted, productive children.  Over the years you have probably volunteered with...

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Mission Community Foundation – Animal Welfare Fund (SU # 24)

Mission Community Foundation - Animal Welfare Fund (SU # 24) As promised every month we are going to focus on a fund that has been started with the Foundation. This month we are going to talk about the Animal Welfare Fund (SU#24) created by 5 ladies who have a passion...

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Mission Community Foundation Launches New Website

Mission Community Foundation Launches New Website

We hope that you enjoy our new website and all it offers.  With technology constantly changing it was time to update our website.  We have enabled some online applications in some areas and are working towards having all of our forms online in the future.  The website...

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Fund Facts: Calnek FundFamily and community, that’s what the Calnek Fund is all about. Don Calnek was the Treasurer for Mission Community Foundation for a number of years. Recruited by Bill Harris in the 1990’s, Don was voluntold into the position. Not that he minded, Don has a strong knowledge of fund accounting and his skills fit perfectly, he also has a strong sense of community and wanted to help us help others. Over the years, Don noticed the different type of scholarship funds that were created, noting that a number of them had specific career paths in mind. Recognizing that restricting career paths can restrict the fund, the family decided to make their fund open to any field of study at any accredited institution. Don & Elaine’s son Steve plays a major role in this fund as well. He helped contribute to the initial $10,000.00 endowment and we can always count on Steve if we need a top up to the fund to enable a scholarship on any given year. Since inception this fund has given scholarships to 8 children totaling $8000. If you are interested in helping a student further their educational dreams, donate today! ... See MoreSee Less
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Fund Facts: Marilyn McClinton Memorial Fund“A teacher is someone who takes your hand, opens your mind, and touches your heart”; this quote exemplified Marilyn McClinton. Marilyn was a teacher and her passions for reading and teaching touched many young lives in Manitoba, Alberta and BC. She pursued her career with the same passion and enthusiasm as she did with her other passions, hiking, skiing, running and photography. Marilyn even owned a bookstore for 15 years; furthering her teaching of young minds. When Marilyn passed in 2004 the teachers in Mission wanted to do something to memorialize her. They contacted Mission Community Foundation and requested our assistance in setting up the fund. Memorial donations flooded in and with assistance from Marilyn’s siblings the Marilyn McClinton Memorial Fund was ready for distribution in 2008.The fund is a scholarship fund for any student pursuing a career in teaching and since inception it has helped 10 students further their dreams of becoming an educator. Contributions to this fund are received frequently by Marilyn’s siblings. If you’d like to help a student become a teacher, donate today! ... See MoreSee Less
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2021 Grads are winding down, most had their commencements last weekend. Due to COVID protocols Mission Community Foundation did not have a ceremony this year, instead we gave the awards to the schools to deliver. Our Benefactors, Board and Committee miss seeing your smiling faces. If you have a photo you'd like to share, please do so here or email Angie @ ... See MoreSee Less
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