The New Year has brought some changes to the Mission Community Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Candie Thorne retired as a member at large. Although, we are sad to see her leave the Board, we are happy to announce that she will continue as a member of our Distribution (Granting) Committee.

Abe Neufeld has retired from Mission Community Services Society.  As he was our representative from that organization, he is also retiring from our Board. Abe has been a great ambassador for the Community of Mission and I know we are not the only ones who will miss his knowledge, guidance and expertise.  We wish him and his wife Anne many happy days to come.

We are extremely pleased to announce that Bob Ingram has agreed to come back to the Mission Community Foundation as a member at large to our Board of Directors.  Bob has been on our Board as the Mission Community Services Representative and had been our Board Chair in 2017.  Welcome back Bob, looking forward to working with you again.

Mission Community Services Society has assigned a new member to our Board.   We are pleased to announce that Roger Dowker has joined our Board effective January 1, 2020.  Roger’s background is in accounting and he is a member of several Boards in Mission.  Roger has indicated he will also be joining our Investment committee, as he is eager to jump in and help us help others.

2020 Board of Directors:

Rosemary Nemanishen – Board Chair

Carlo Billinger – Board Vice-Chair

Kevin E. Burns – Treasurer

Linda Clark – Board Secretary

Bernadine Babuik – Executive Member at Large

Bob Ingram – Appointed member at large

Carol Hamilton – DOM Representative

Sean Melia – Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce Representative

Roger Dowker – Mission Community Services Society Representative

Colleen Hannah – School District #75 Representative

Shelley Carter – FVRD Representative

Bursary & Scholarship Committee:  Colleen Hannah – Chair, Cynthia Butcher, Barbara Bremner, Peter Robson, and Lucas McKinnon

Development Committee: Carlo Billinger – Chair, Bernadine Babuik, Sherry Cannon, Linda Clark, Louise Lacerte, Eleanor MacDonald and Rosemary Nemanishen

Distribution Committee: Shelley Carter – Chair, Brian Antonson, Dyanne Betts, Graham Black, K.C. McPherson, Candie Thorne and Gloria Tyler

Investment Committee: Sean Melia – Chair, Bernadine Babuik, Kevin Burns, Don Calnek, Roger Dowker, Bob Ingram, Jo-Anne Taylor and Rosemary Nemanishen

Executive Director: Angie Hetlinger